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Mr. President

Short description
Mr. President is a simulation game of business and state management. An intensive decision making simulation game where participants in min 1 day play out 2-3 years of state and/or company’s life by acting in the roles of various state and business structures.
During the game players improve their skills in strategic thinking, communication, problem solving, human resource management, teamwork, investment making and understanding of the company’s and own finances.

Topics covered
Team work
Time Management
Problem solving
Personal Efficiency

Improving leadership potential
Thinking outside the box
Quick decision making
The ability to think strategically
Negotiation skills with the external environment
Problem-solving skills
Human resource management
The ability to work in team
The ability to invest
Valuable practice in stress situations

Target audience: students / employees

Duration: 1-3 days

Number of Participants: 50-100

States/countries: 1-2