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Short description
Roofer is a mathematics/geometry game that makes students calculate space for polygons and teaches geometric shapes: their types, qualities and joint arrangement. Players also learn to form different geometric shapes.
Target audience
Grade 5-7
Topics covered
Geometric shape types and characteristics.
In the beginning, each player gets a stack of geometric shapes in his own color as well as 3 location cards. Everybody makes a move by playing one of the location cards and accordingly placing one of his shapes on the game board in one of 5 different areas. The task is to create the biggest polygon possible in each area. After player places his shape he draws a new location card. The game is over when players run out of shapes. In the end, players determine the winner by scoring victory points earned by biggest polygons in each area.
Increased understanding of polygons and geometric shapes: their types and characteristics
Students involvement and concentration during the class
Skills learned
Strategic thinking
Duration: 45 minutes
Number of players
Up to 8
Application possibilities
To introduce the subject before teaching geometric shapes and polygons
For review, after teaching geometric shapes and polygons

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