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Short description
Mathrimino is a mathematics/algebra game that helps to recognize different types of intervals (such as interval notations, inequalities and number lines), to distinguish and understand them.
Target audience
Grade 7-9
Topics covered
Interval notations; inequalities; number lines
During the turn, a player puts one of his “triminos” on a board so that one of its sides would match with a side of a “trimino” already on the board. It is important that intervals are represented differently to make a match. The player who first gets rid of all of his “triminos” wins.
Increased motivation to study intervals
Student’s involvement and concentration during the class
Increased interactivity and dynamics in the classroom
Skills learned
Strategic planning
35-45 minutes
Number of players
Up to 8 players
Application possibilities
For review, after teaching interval notations, inequalities and number lines

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