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Geometric Pattern

Short description
Geometric Patterns is a mathematics/geometry game that deepens understanding of different geometric transformations.
Target audience
Grade 7-10
Topics covered
Geometric transformations: central symmetry; reflection; rotation; translation; dilation
Teams are given picture cards; they have to recognize and explain the depicted geometric transformation they see. They must recreate these transformations by using the symbol cards they have. The first team who does that scores victory points. There are simple and advanced gameplay options. In the simple game, teams should find only one geometric transformation on a picture card and form their transformation pattern using 2 small symbol cards. In the advanced level, teams should find all the possible geometric transformations on a picture card and form their transformation pattern.
Recognition of geometric transformations and different geometric patterns.
Skills learned
Creative thinking
Cooperation in a team
Communication skills
Duration: 30 – 45 minutes
Number of players: The whole class
Application possibilities
To introduce the subject before teaching geometric transformations
For review, after teaching geometric transformations

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