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Hello My Friend

Short description
Hello My Friend is a classroom teambuilding game where teambuilding effect is reached through deeper knowledge and underparticipanteach participiant.
Target audience
Grade 10-12
Topics covered
Listening skills
Game description
All participants depart to their journeys on the board – their task is to collect victory points and reach their goals first. On each move they get question cards they have to answer. There are 5 question groups – questions about players past experiences, present beliefs or preferences and future dreams as well as questions about their perceptions of other people and fun quiz challenges. By hearing answers players discover others from a different and sometimes surprisingly pleasant angle thus adding a new perspective to their relationship and providing teambuilding effect.
Better relationships with classmates
Skills learned
Strategic thinking
Communication skills
45 minutes to 2 hours
Number of players
Up to 8
Application possibilities
At any subject class
At different school or class events

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